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Biogenic XR

Biogenic XR is a nutritional supplement that contains the best natural ingredients responsible for increased power and complete protection of sexual life. The product is intended for men who, because of overwork, age advancing or other external factors, have erectile problems, have satisfactory sexual relations, and fertility.

The statistics clearly indicate that a five-year sex ratio ends in a way not completely satisfactory for a man. The fault of this situation is attributable to erectile dysfunction. By analyzing these numbers, we can say that every man was not “at work” at least once in life. What are the reasons for this state of affairs and what is their basis?

Men with erectile problems at the beginning are surprised. However, sometimes there is the embarrassment and even rage. Many of them begin to lead a more active sex life against any prediction, to believe that erectile dysfunction is caused by the partner and their partner. Others are dominated by the feeling of defeat and shame and avoid sex as a plague. In both cases, it may be useful to visit a specialist. Importantly, erectile dysfunction may occur for different reasons for young men, for example, twenty years, and completely different in middle-aged or older men, for example, sixty years.

Biogenic XR


Erectile Dysfunction – Not a Reason to be Ashamed

To have an erection there must be an appropriate act of stimulation. It can be a sensual experience, such as a visual, auditory erotic imagination, or with the touch and even the awareness of physical contact. The erection occurs when the seat of the erections is stimulated in the spinal cord. The arteries expand so that the cavernos bodies receive more blood. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is unable to reach full erection or can not keep it long enough to have a completely satisfactory sexual relationship. In addition, for erectile dysfunction to be diagnosed, it must occur in 7 cases on 10, or 75% of all attempts and must be lasting.

Statistics indicate that erectile dysfunction affects 150 million men worldwide, including 1.5 million in the US. For the majority of men, the problem has been diagnosed with the diagnosis of other pathologies because otherwise, they would not go to the doctor. It is worth pointing out that erectile dysfunction is very often a body’s warning signal that something is wrong.

Biogenic XR – The Effective Power Integrator from the United States

The unique combination has led to the formation of an effective supplement for male erectile problems. Its main component is L-Arginine, responsible for dilatation of blood vessels, which helps blood to reach the penis freely. This leads to erection and also sexual intercourse could last longer. The natural composition of the pills makes the preparation able to start working after a short period of time. The effect is evident after the first treatment.

Biogenic XR’s efficacy has been confirmed by some tests. Right after a month using this male enhancement, 100% improvement in sexual performance was noted.

Men have said they have received sexual performance worth twenty years. They have noticed a greater desire to initiate repetitions, longer erections, and greater intensity.

Biogenic XR: The Innovative Combination of Ingredients

The formula of the product has been studied by a team of experienced specialists who are based on the results of international analyses that confirm the effectiveness of individual active ingredients. The combination of a wealth of 12 ingredients made this product incredibly effective in improving power in a natural way. Research on the integrator ended at the beginning of 2016. This is the latest formula on the market, characterized by the unique composition that ensures fast and lasting effects: increased sexual desire, more vigorous and prolonged erection, enhanced and intense orgasm, increased pleasure during the relationship.

L-Arginine – often administered to people with heart problems. He is famous among athletes because he naturally and safely influences cardiac function. L-ariginine is a powerful vasodilator that circulates blood in the heart and other organs. Why are these qualities important? Because one of these organs is the penis.

Tribulus Terrestris – an extract of this herb stimulates testosterone secretion by 41% more than normal, has a beneficial effect on libido and relieves sexual dysfunctions, which are usually caused by the reduction in testosterone levels. In addition, the extract of this plant, without side effects, regulates hormones that are responsible for body enhancement and physical performance.

Maca Extract – Maca is the plant of South America often called Peruvian Viagra – known and used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. In addition to its power support, Maca is also the source of antioxidants, stimulates energy, improves mood and is useful for losing weight.

Pomegranate extract – Pomegranates are known as the source of male health. The fruit contains active substances that support the erectile process and favorably affect the prostate. Pomegranate also promotes lowering blood pressure, memory, and concentration.

Greek Hay Seed ExtractIncreases Testosterone Levels. It actively supports the immune system and has a beneficial effect on digestion and can act as prophylaxis for baldness.

Vitamins and micro elements – total deficiency affect the overall body, mood, and health condition.

” Maca – Control libido increase, improves the psychophysical condition and strengthens the body. It also stimulates the energy and strength of the body, so it is recommended for people who are stressed and exhausted. ”

Biogenic xr ingredients


The Biogenic XR Food Supplement is made up of only natural ingredients, so it does not cause side effects, is invasive and is absolutely safe for the body.


The product has been thoroughly analyzed from the point of view of efficacy. Quality tests, conducted in specialist centers around the world, have confirmed its high efficacy and lasting results.


The capsules are contained in a pleasing white packaging and shipped to a common white or gray envelope. In this way, you get a 100% discretionary guarantee.


A specialist in Andrology

We have waited a long time, but thanks to this formula it is possible to solve the problems of erectile dysfunction in a safe and natural way. Only recently “Biogenic XR Increase in Sexual Power” is available on the market and is the result of many years of research of a number of specialists. With a unique combination of natural ingredients, it is possible to solve erectile dysfunction problems without side effects.

The secret of Biogenic XR capsules is the concentrated dose of L-arginine, in synergy with other natural but powerful ingredients. Another positive effect of Biogenic XR’s capsules is that it helps to eliminate impotence problems by widening blood vessels and relaxing smooth muscle tissue. This allows a significant increase in blood flow to the male member during sexual excitement. This guarantees a strong and prolonged erection.


“It really works!”

I was using Biogenic XR capsules twice a day – in the morning before breakfast and then before dinner. After a week you can see the difference. It works really well, and the effect is better than I expected!

Federic C.

“Finally it’s okay”

In my life, I used many supplements for man. However, every time there was no positive effect. Biogenic XR is different. After two months I released my problems of impotence and I can say that now everything is fine.

Alfred M.

“Now, I want to have sex”

The impotence problems had destroyed my life. If I had never tried these power capsules Increased sexual power I would definitely regret it. Now, I feel I want to have sex without fear of failing! With my wife, I now have sex twice a day. We are happy, and I feel 100% a man.

Gabriele D.


Sexual intercourse will last longer than 30 minutes!

Your erection will last longer and you will give double pleasure to your companion!

It will boost your libido!

I will also accommodate the most demanding companion!

You will experience a more powerful orgasm!

You will regain confidence in yourself and you will feel like a real man!

biogenic xr reviews

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use it?

Regular use of Biogenic XR allows expansion and enhancement of erections, eliminating erectile dysfunction. A single dose allows you to stretch your 30-minute sexual intercourse. The product is also completely natural and does not cause side effects.

Are You Sure About This Product?

Using This Product following the instructions is completely safe. It has positive effects on libido and impotence. In addition, sexual feelings are much more intense.

How is to use Testosterone Booster?

Biogenic XR is used daily, so sexual contact can be started spontaneously. Daily use keeps the positive effects constant at the same level. Two capsules a day make the effects feel after 6 + 8 weeks. Do not pass the suggested dosage.

Is it a prescription medicine?

It is sold without a prescription.

Does it use some changes in daily life?

Treatment with Male Booster is based on regular use of pills so does not require lifestyle changes. Obviously, people who combine treatments with light physical activity and a healthier lifestyle will get better results.

Does It make it possible to have another sexual intercourse more quickly?

It Regenerates the body faster than another approach is possible.

Is there any age restrictions?

Preparation is intended only for adults. There is no maximum age limit.

Can it be used when there are no power problems?

It is safe to use, used by men all over the world. Not only those who have erectile dysfunction but also those who want to experience more intense sensations during sexual intercourse.

Is It Possible to Use a Combination with alcoholic beverages?

There is no obstacle to combining Biogenic XR with alcoholic beverages but remember that alcohol negatively affects sexual performance. If you want to enjoy a satisfying double life, you should reduce alcohol consumption.


Your method to be reliable in bed!

Biogenic XR is a food supplement that increases the power in a natural way.

Based on selected ingredients, it acts on three levels:

Increases Sexual Excitement,

Strengthens Erection and Intensifies Orgasm.

It gives you Complete Satisfaction from Common Life.

The First Results can be seen after a Few Days of Use!

Prolonged relationship and good luck to erection problems after only 4 days of use? It’s possible! Choose Biogenic XR – a natural method, safe and guaranteed to be reliable in bed!


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