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Body Dynamix – Is It Low Impact, High Reward, & Joint Friendly Workouts?

The exercises of the method of electro-muscular stimulation (Body Dynamix) is a great success abroad, we came to the first swallows. Promise twenty minutes of exercise to the effect, as an hour and a great time saver. See how the editor tells about the exercise tried, and that of him is the sensation.

When the pulses are generated, begins the training. Ten minutes of cardio for me, maybe, will not be a problem, I think, and I’m going to start jumping on the instructions trainers Body Dynamix. Jump model, through the imagination of a skipping rope, I run on the spot and Thin in the air. I feel that my legs are becoming heavier, when I have buried, maybe weighs a ton. I have, as expected, ease, I feel that when I tried to continue this pace, I will probably for some time lost consciousness. What power of the praised when met his physical?  Now already, but no time to print management, and so, please, trainer the slowdown of the. I feel that I am tired, that I have in another exercise is not yet experienced, mainly, fatigue will come later.

After ten minutes of cardio me coach, it caters a short snack break that I really need. While waiting for me a gift that they are in general I am not ashamed when I thought that I would do better. “No need to do long, but correctly. In fact, people walk in the weight rooms but do not do it effectively. To spend two hours there, but really only practice ten minutes, “calms me down. And he adds that thanks to Body Dynamix, but it’s the ten minutes of cardio because burdened muscles more than usual.

How Does Body Dynamix Work? – Test and Effects

Body Dynamix Reviews

Device to improve belly the muscles of the brand Body Dynamix

This stimulating notebook, thanks to the close design, you can safely use under clothing.

Practice wireless of operation, ease of application using the adjustable belt with electrodes.

5 configuration of the massage levels.

10 preset programs.

Automatic power off after the end of the program.


Increased blood circulation in the area of application.

The release of convulsively loaded muscles of the abdomen.

Recovery of muscles of the abdomen.

Maintaining or extending motor skills.

This device works on the principle of electrical stimulation of muscles without depression, tendons, and joints. Fine electrical impulses cause moderate muscle contraction, and the passive breakfast strengthens the muscles of the abdomen without the active participation of the physical charge Body Dynamix. The device is suitable for use after operations, to strengthen the slack of the muscles. This functional principle of muscle stimulation for many years, use professional athletes, recreational athletes, and is also used in the field of rehabilitation to support the greater performance of the body and reduce the risk of injury Fitness. Last but not least, aligning muscle imbalances and extinguishing the skin will contribute to the greater attractiveness of your body.

So A Little Bit of the Matrix

Firstly will moisten a vest and belts with electrodes, in order to better conduct electrical impulses. Then I start to bring on and involve the individual contacts of electrodes that are around muscular groups Body Dynamix. Right now you make me feel quite “effective” for me, I have a dense mixed activated wet vest and everywhere to sting me the red and the black of the stirrup. The feeling is crowned by my “participation” in the device with which I now bind the umbilical cord of a cable.

Unlike the umbilical cord, but I will receive electroshocks. It’s only small impulses, but let’s first take care of the breathing and wait for him to feel. Coach begins to gradually change the intensity of the impulses for each muscle group. The feeling first reminds of tingling, then pinching up the pain Body Dynamix. According to the instructions trainers, I just feel the beat of the muscles, but the momentum I was not hurt. The impulses go quickly from each other, and I feel like I am the heartbeat, although I have not even moved.

Body Dynamix Presentation

Body Dynamix uses an electric muscle stimulation technology to achieve an effective exercise. Causes of muscle contraction, which stimulates motor nerves directly from current, which is an easy, intelligent and humanization exercise using high technology, such as wireless charging and intelligent application management.

Body Dynamix Workout


International accredited certificates

Take silica gel, which is RoHS compliant and harmless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Here attached gel for medical purposes, carried out a test on compatibility and received international certification.

Powerful functions of the application

This is developing more ways of fitness, including music games, fat burning, relaxation, and exercises.

Safe and reliable

Take 10 different intensity levels from high-intensity exercise training and finally relax with full control automation. Just enjoy scientific and health status.

Technology provides the convenient, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way to recharge appliances from home, office or in the gym.

Utilization facility

Designed with ergonomic, aimed at training the abdominal muscles. Get up from fitness equipment in a position where you want to strengthen your Body Dynamix muscles. To activate it, click on the “+” button for 3 seconds; Disable it, press the “-” key for 3 seconds. Anytime, anywhere

You can use fitness equipment under any circumstances, regardless of what you read, walk, work at home or at the office.

Effective fitness

You can get harder and stronger muscles and a shape after the use of this product within 6 to 8 weeks (Body Dynamix about 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week).

Note: In preset mode, the unit after 23 minutes turns off automatically.

Without Bags and Clothes

I change in the loan of clothes, with the exception of the recommendations, to leave lingerie, because I propped her. As a backup of lingerie, I even wear it to yoga classes, and even today I was no exception, although the Body studio is proud of what it is possible to come without a bag with the drink, clothes or makeup, all you get instead.

The staff mam with Coach Jana Spill, which fills me a short questionnaire Body Dynamix amazon. This exercise is not suitable for people with cardiovascular disease, especially with pacemakers and similar devices, which could endanger electrical impulse, as well as pregnant women. Coach, still it launches on my coil and explains to me that will actually happen next.

Opinions About Body Dynamix:

Body Dynamix is the first in the world of a muscle stimulator sport, which controls through your smartphone. As such amplifiers usually, the device generates short impulses that will move your muscles.

If you watch the video below, perhaps, would you say that something similar sometimes shows up in television commercials, where the product shows that it can replace the reinforcement. Just stay at home and Makes a device for you. That, of course, does not work, and Body Dynamix advice you nothing is played and it is explicitly acknowledged that the electrical impulses, of course, your muscles would only strengthen it, and work as a refreshing your device so that your muscles faster resting to others to work.

You know stops, what body if you can make it through the intelligent accessory on the exercise? The stimulator Muscle Body Dynamix helps shape abdominal muscles by stimulating muscle stimulation and according to the manufacturer, you will help get a better character over a period of 6 to 8 weeks if you use the device five times a week after 30 minutes. You can set up the attached application individual diets exercises and, in addition to active training, you can use the simulator here during the holidays. This is the device can only be yours 99.99 USD.

Body Dynamix Price

Body Dynamix in the United States – At what Price?

When properly exhale, again, we start to create Body Dynamix Exercise Lectures. Impulses flying from the training part in a row go at longer intervals and also last longer. In the reinforcement, I do not use weight, Coach Ian that brings me to loading muscular groups, at the time, when they arrive at an electrical impulse. On the suit and the staples, leading from him, I have more time getting used to it, and a strange feeling of impulses.

The conclusion coaches me allows to relax and activate a device in fine impulses, which look like a relaxing massage. I am happy because I feel like after a marathon. Coach explains to me that training using for the body, much more complex than usual fitness or weight training, and more, therefore, takes it and muscle recovery. This is also the reason why neither people’s health should not these exercises work more than twice a week. Twenty minutes’ drive you out of 375,575 crowns (depending on the number of connections you buy at a time).

For Whom is a Body Dynamix Price?

“Personally, I have this way of exercise is recommended to people who recover from trauma, or otherwise motionless. As a result of various injuries, which goes on the weakening and loss of muscle mass and during the restriction motion may be difficult to rebuild. Also suitable for the regulation of different body misbalance “, says Katerina Brozova, fitness teacher for women Contours. She has published some exercises to try with me. And what is his point of view on the use of CEM in the center?

“In healthy people, without musculoskeletal problems restrictions, I Body Dynamix recommended only as a supplement to any other activity. To make you a great runner is not trichinosis. When it comes to people who are not quite a sport and movement, as such, it’s nothing justifies, but want to keep, at least, a bit in shape, that’s why they will be workout twice a week for about twenty minutes, probably ideal. In the end, always better than nothing, “he adds a Katerina Brozova.

The effects of exercise, I saw three days again, when I knew about each of his muscles. I do not know if it’s a perfect exercise for my temper. In training, I like endorphin whirlwind of common sense in the muscles and in the head, and pleasant to fatigue. By Body Dynamix but I felt a lot more tired, but endorphins excluded me less than in other sports, and a nice feeling did not appear. But after two lessons, I had the feeling that I turned off the skin of the buttocks and thighs. As well as it depends on what exercise you expect.

Look in the video, as the exercises with listening to trainers exactly how the work.

Or Buy? Is It on Amazon?

Simply you stick on the muscles of the party, and with him the two rectangular electrodes, which are already in the muscles send impulses. Body Dynamix weighs only 25 grams, which you do not need to worry that the device is like crushed. The stimulator has two independent incentives, programs and voltage up to 130 volts supplied in increments of 1s

Thanks to the small size can be a stimulant to hide under any outfit and at work time, for example, on the computer or watching TV let them work and speed up the regeneration of your muscles. The manufacturer on his site also gives away muscle soreness to certain types of sports that need to be refreshed to enhance your productivity.

The project, which is trying to get money on production on the official site, you have set a goal, at least 50,000 dollars, but positive feedback on this device to provide manufacturers already 41 $ 5,000 in five days, as well as on the success of this promoter can be no doubt. The device is already the first time presented this year at CES, where visitors could try. If you are interested, you can buy pre-order for 149 dollars, respectively, for the 2700 crowns, or buy both Body Dynamix devices buy and this at a discounted price 89 $.

There is, but the endowment of this stimulant that can be paired with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0, and to link special applications, which allow a stimulant to control. With the mobile app, you can manage up to two promoters and use both modes the device offers. Then there is the possibility of setting up an intensity, identifying objectives and adapting one’s training plan. Promised also the support of Google Wear, so that in the future you can manage Body Dynamix amazon by the watch. According to the developers, mass production is expected to begin in the autumn of this year in three colors white, red and black.

On the attached video you can see the pictures with CES shows in Las Vegas, and/or with the device to discover and see how this practice of the gear works. See if the manufacturers meet the deadline when the product came on the market and if they pleasant stimulation and, of course, if all devices are comfortable when worn on the body.

A method based on the fact that in the muscles posted an electrical impulse, which will make it download. This method for many years, known and used in rehabilitation goals. The novelty of its use in the fitness studios. These objectives are made vests and belts of which do you have do not fall nor during a jump. And the studio promises amazing results – twenty minutes twice a week, presumably, will be pretty good form. Can he? Immediately on the, I can convince myself on your own skin.

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