Botanica Pure Keto (Review) – Does it help you achieve Summer Body?

If you’re looking for a product that can help you permanently to get rid of excess pounds, maybe you should test Botanica Pure Keto once. Many Fat burner products and diet pills, which are available without a prescription, promise you a lot and, unfortunately, hold little.

But what about fat burner Botanica Pure Keto?

What is Botanica Pure Keto?

Botanica Pure Keto is one of the newer products on the market, with a natural extract that makes it easier and more durable to lose weight.

In America, the capsules are available without prescription in pharmacies, online shops and directly from the manufacturer. The application of the capsules is very simple.

Botanica Pure Keto is also referred to as a high definition fat burner. The capsules are a combination of fat burner, carbohydrate blocker, fat binder, and appetite suppressant. This is a big advantage over traditional fat burners.

Botanica Pure Keto

Pure fat burners, in contrast to the high definition fat burners, permanently attack the metabolism and push the body through guarana and caffeine. This ensures that the pulse shoots up quickly and thus an increased calorie conversion is generated. In the long term, this procedure is very unhealthy. Besides, numerous pure fat burners have been tested in which no effect was felt.

Ingredients and Composition:

Botanica Pure Keto is made with natural ingredients derived from three plants.

This is, for instance, the Garcinia Cambogia. The fruit contains an acid that can be assigned a very slimming feature. This is catechu-tannic acid. It inhibits appetite and ensures that there are no food cravings.

Another ingredient is green tea. Among other things, this ingredient works against fatigue and at the same time improves blood lipid levels. Besides, fat oxidation in the body is increased.

Also, Guarana is one of the ingredients of the capsules. Above all, this ingredient promotes concentration and performance. The capsules contain caffeine that is released slowly to the body. Thus Guarana is also much more compatible. Besides, the capsules are equipped with L-carnitine. This substance also acts as a fat burner.

Chitosan is one of the effective ingredients for fat burner products. It is obtained from seafood shells in the production of Botanica Pure Keto. But also from mushrooms or yeast Chitosan can be won. Botanica Pure Keto also contains coenzyme Q10. It plays a crucial role in the antioxidant effect of your metabolism. The ingredient makes for a more efficient and easier conversion of energy from food. Chromium is used as the last ingredient. Above all, chromium supports healthy liver function and is needed for the metabolization of macronutrients.

Botanica Pure Keto

Benefits of Botanica Pure Keto:

Of course, many users ask themselves the question: “How does the fat burner work?” Botanica Pure Keto contains a lot of chitosan.

This is a characteristic substance gotten from shrimp. The ingredient attaches in the stomach to the dietary fat absorbed by the body.

The calories are attracted like a magnet. Through this process, the fat molecules are much too large to be absorbed into the intestine’s metabolism. The fats are simply excreted via the intestine. So you do not land on your hip.

A special feature of Botanica Pure Keto is that it is a good combination of carbohydrate blockers and fat binders. The integrated carbohydrate blocker works very easy. The pancreas produces the enzyme alpha-amylase. This hormone is especially important for carbohydrate digestion. In this process, the multiple sugars are split into the food. When the amylase is blocked, your gut simply excretes the carbohydrates again. This supplement can’t let you be fat.

Side Effects / Contradictions:

A big plus is that Botanica Pure Keto does not contain any dangerous ingredients like dinitrophenol. This will not mess up your metabolism. Your hormone balance is not burdened by the capsules because they consist of natural ingredients.

It looks quite different from classic weight loss supplements. The intake of fat binders with chitosan is therefore considered safe for health reasons. Many users are sure that the capsules are even very healthy. For example, many buyers have given 5 stars on Amazon.

General Test on Botanica Pure Keto:

Our subject Annette (44 years old) has already tested the Botanica Pure Keto sufficiently. In addition to the daily intake of the capsules was renounced fast food and made the diet healthier. Especially fruits, vegetables, fish and meat were on the menu. In the diet, the subject is started with a weight of 90 kg.

In the end, she was happy about a dream weight of 72.5 kg. To this day, she has held the weight. As with many longer diets, it also happens that the subject once sinned. She ate a pizza, which of course is not the right food to lose weight. The next day, our subject has the nutritional plan but as before pulled through and at the same time daily taken the capsules with plenty of water.

Day 1

On the first day of the diet, the nutrition plan of our subject had to be completely changed. Before breakfast and before dinner, she took one capsule each with plenty of water. Before lunch, the dosage according to the manufacturer is 2 capsules. These were easy to swallow and did not cause any side effects as desired.

Botanica Pure Keto

Day 15


Already after 15 days, our test person felt very well all around. Not only did she work actively to minimize bodyweight, but she also did without too much coffee or sweet drinks. Rather, the subject has drunk a lot of water, especially with meals. This could additionally suppress the feeling of hunger. According to Libra, she has already lost 4 pounds at that time. At the same time, she had the feeling that her digestion was much better and her stomach felt much flatter.

Day 30

After 30 days, our subject has already lost 6 kilograms. After a month, Botanica Pure Keto has already paid off. Other diets often do not show the desired results. A special side effect of the capsules is that taking the capsules quickly becomes routine. In the past few weeks, our probationer has been feeding mainly on fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish. She has always taken care not to consume too many carbohydrates.

Day 45

We were proud to note that the slimming project was still easily maintained even after 45 days. Annette was already pleased with a weight loss of 8.5 kilograms. This was mainly because the cravings are avoided by the capsules.

Day 60

After 60 days, our subject has already lost 11.5 kilos of my initial weight. Even though her diet was sometimes a bit difficult, she has kept up very well except for the enjoyment of a pizza.

Day 75

In the meantime, the diet has become a fixed daily routine for our test person. She always finds it easier and she had no problem with giving up fast food. By taking the capsules she felt no hunger. She has become accustomed to eating her food at fixed times. This has made a positive impact on digestion. Result: 14 kilograms.

Day 90

After 90 days, our subject has risen again on the scales. She has lost a total of 17.5 kilos through these weight loss capsules. Alone through the diet, she would not have done that, according to my experience.

Other Botanica Pure Reviews

The internet is full of reviews left by users who have already gained weight loss experience with Botanica Pure Keto. The reviews are very positive. Many users especially praise the good compatibility or the simple application.

Another advantage is that the product has no side effects. This is mainly because the Botanica Pure Keto is made from natural ingredients. If you are not satisfied with the effect, you will even get your money back.

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Try out Botanica Pure Keto for free

Since you get a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, you can test the Botanica Pure Keto capsules for free. If you are not satisfied, you can send back your empty or opened package with a small hint. You have the manufacturer but also the chance to order the capsules (30 pieces) for free.

You just have to pay for the shipping. After your order, the shipping will take place within 3 – 4 days and you can start directly with your diet.

If you sign up for a free trial, you will automatically receive a 90-day program on the current offer of 3 for 2 at a fair price. If you are not satisfied, you can just let the manufacturer know. Just click on the Banner below.

Botanica Pure Keto

Final Verdict:

I can only recommend the Botanica Pure Keto capsules. They help your body process carbohydrates better and gradually reduce body fat. I was very satisfied with the result of the test subject after the 90-day treatment.

A big advantage is that she did not suffer from hunger during the diet and has not felt the yo-yo effect to this day. This is very different from many other fat burners or dietary supplements.