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Too little sexual desire? Too little erection? Early ejaculation? Unsatisfied women? These problems should allegedly disappear with the intake of Centallus Male Enhancement. “Centallus Rx – because you get a chronic stiff”- so the manufacturer.

But what is really in the alleged miracle capsules? What do customers say about the product? What is it about the supposed professor who praises the potency pills in his expert opinion? We uncover mercilessly!

What is Centallus Male Enhancement?

Centallus Male Enhancement is a powerful resource in capsule form. The natural ingredients would help the user to increased libido, an improved erection and thus to optimized sex life.

The promises of the manufacturer with a regular intake of the capsules are:

  • Restoration of male virility
  • Increase in libido
  • Enhancement of sensitivity
  • Extension of the erection
  • Increase in spermatogenesis
  • Longer sexual act
  • Several orgasms for women

We wonder if the product can deliver what the manufacturer promises. There is skeptical of the capsules because the manufacturer writes that the preparation even with “alcohol and other drugs “is compatible. We continue to research…

Centallus Male Enhancement

Ingredients Used in Centallus Male Enhancement:

The manufacturer indicates the alleged ingredients of Centallus Male Enhancement on its web pages. However, we have to note that different information is provided on two different websites.

Once we can discover the following substances:

Another website talks about the following ingredients:

  • Red Sage
  • Ginger Root
  • Mussels
  • Sainfoin Siberian
  • Ginseng Root

Dosage Instructions:

The manufacturer recommends that men should take two capsules in the morning and two more capsules in the evening. Then they could expect that they would experience a “double organism”. Anyone who suffers from erectile dysfunction must expect a period of application of 14 days.

Can Side Effects Occur?

We find it extremely strange that the manufacturer makes various statements about the active ingredients. In addition, we can read that there were no side effects or unwanted side effects when taking Centallus Male Enhancement. But consumers should know that side effects can always occur if the user shows incompatibilities with one or more ingredients. However, as it is not really clear what the product is, customers can hardly tell if they can handle the capsules.

Is there any alternative of Centallus Male Enhancement?

Unfortunately, we had to find in our further research that the provider of Centallus Male Enhancement accesses dubious sales tricks. It expert opinions are falsified and also experience reports freely invented. However, since there are quite effective, natural power resources, we recommend our readers to use alternatives.

Centallus Male Enhancement

Centallus Rx in the Test – Only Fictitious Experiences?

On the website, we find the expert opinion of “Dr. Daniel Martinez “. He is an ED specialist at Urology Specialty Center in Miami. In his review, he recommends taking capsules to affected men. But our research shows that this expert opinion is fake. The depicted man in the doctor’s coat is neither a professor nor a physician, but a model. His picture is a Stock Photo, which can be bought on the internet.

Furthermore, we look at the reviews of alleged customers. On the manufacturer side, Peter (52), Ursula (35) and Thomas (27) report on the efficacy of Centallus Male Enhancement. But we also discover these depicted persons on other websites. Peter just turns into Wolfgang and writes enthusiastically about the effectiveness of “Krygen XL“. Ursula is simply called Gisela and tells us how great the “Super Cut Keto” is. Thomas gets the name Michael and praises the effectiveness of this supplement.

Thus, we can conclude that all customer opinions are fictitious of the manufacturer. The consumer is deliberately deceived by power means. Especially as Centallus Male Enhancement is closely related to other preparations that have already been exposed as a rip off products.

Are there any authentic reviews?

Based on the fake reviews and expert opinion, we look for real testimonials from users who have tested the potency pills. But our search is unsuccessful. We cannot find recessions from neutral customers.


Have you already had experience with Centallus Male Enhancement? Then share it with others, or share with other users. Just use the comment function under this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about this male enhancement product? Write to us. We try to answer them as soon as possible. Below we have put together FAQ.

Can you buy Centallus Male Enhancement in pharmacies?

No, Centallus Male Enhancement is not a medicine and has no central pharmaceutical number (PZN). You cannot buy the product in pharmacies.

Can you order Centallus Rx from Amazon?

At the time of the search, we cannot find the product at the online retailer Amazon.

Are Centallus Male Enhancement tablets or capsules?

These are capsules.

Who is behind it?

The manufacturer of Centallus Male Enhancement is called Centallus Ltd. and is headquartered in Florida. The company has already been exposed for the sale of rip-off products.

How much does Centallus Male Enhancement cost?

A vial of capsules costs 39 Dollar. This is a special price because normally the capsules would cost 78 Dollar – said the manufacturer. How many capsules in a pack we cannot find out. On the manufacturer website, we can find a dubious ordering process. The customer must provide his name and telephone number. Then he is allegedly called back after 15 minutes by the manager and the order process started. The delivery time is about four to seven days.


Due to the questionable sales methods such as fake expert opinion and the connection with other rip-off products, we consider the product ineffective.

Centallus Male Enhancement

The manufacturer of Centallus Rx is the company Bernadette Ltd, which is already known for the distribution of dubious products such as HardStuff Male Enhancement and Nerotenze Testosterone. Finally, since we cannot find neutral testimonials from objective customers on the internet, we cannot judge whether the potency pills have any effect on the body.

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