Gentiv Ultra (Review) – Potency Comparison 2019, Effective or Fake?

Gentiv Ultra is a potency pill. This potency agent is touted by the manufacturer as a kind of miracle pill, which raises the testosterone levels. Intended is the sexual enhancer for men who are in the andropause – the male menopause.

Introduction to Gentiv Ultra:

Gentiv Ultra was developed as a sexual enhancer, which should have a wide-ranging effect. Because a diminishing potency or erectile dysfunction can also be signs of a testosterone deficiency. This remedy was developed to ensure that the stamina of the penis and the self-confidence of the man return.

Gentiv Ultra

How does Gentiv Ultra work?

Gentiv Ultra is offered as a male enhancement supplement. For this reason, the Potency can also be purchased on the Internet. And without a recommendation. This means that a man who is in the beginning Androphase does not have to go to the doctor and have the prescription power prescribed. Of course, this is for men who have problems with their potency. Since this is a taboo topic, very few men come out to their doctor.

Ingredients included in Gentiv Ultra and how do they work?

Gentiv Ultra is made from pure vegetable ingredients. These are an elfin flower, ginkgo, saw palmetto and nettle. The manufacturer, therefore, sets 100 percent naturalness in the ingredients. Elven flowers, ginseng, holly, and stinging nettle are also medicinal herbs that have been known for many centuries in natural medicine. Of course, these plant extracts have been specially selected to help increase or even bring testosterone levels up to optimal levels. Of course, the individual ingredients all have their specific effect on potency.


The elf flower, also called sock flower, occurs in about 50 different species. Its distribution area extends from the south of the Alps to North Africa, China, and Japan. The Epimedium belongs to the perennial plants. In Asian medicine, the extract of the elven flower is used as a sole sexual enhancer. As an ingredient in Gentiv Ultra, this extract is designed to improve blood circulation and the flow of blood into the penis. In this way, the erection is facilitated. The extract of the elven flower is also considered an aphrodisiac. As such, the elfin flower is known by the name Horny Goat Weed. The efficacy of the active substance Icariin contained in this extract is not available.


Ginseng is a member of the Aralia family and is native to North Korea, northeast China, and southeastern Siberia. And in Malaysia, you can also find ginseng, where it is also used as a remedy for various diseases throughout Asia. Malaysian ginseng is used to make Gentiv Ultra. For thousands of years, ginseng has also been used as a sexual enhancer in Asia because the ginseng extracts are known to increase levels of nitric oxide in the blood, improving blood flow and providing a longer, faster, and more lasting erection. In addition, ginseng increases testosterone levels.


As an ingredient for Gentiv Ultra is also used the extract of Saw Palmetto, which belongs to the genus of holly. Home to the Saw Palmetto on the Florida coast. The berries once served as nourishment for the natives of North America and also used them as a remedy. The effect of saw palmetto extract only became known in America in the 20th century. Included in this extract are phytosterols. These act hormone-like. It is believed that this substance can interfere with the male hormone balance and reduce the formation of dihydrotestosterone, which consists of testosterone. Especially in potency problems that have their cause in prostate problems, this extract has a positive effect on the potency.

Stinging Nettle

Nettles are first associated with an unpleasant feeling when you touch this plant. Because this plant has stinging hair. Nevertheless, the manufacturer of Gentiv Ultra uses this plant or components thereof for the production of its potency agent. Because of this plant can also extract produced, which can be used very versatile. This extract is made from nettle leaves. The extract is used for example against potency weakness. The extract becomes like an aphrodisiac. However, the effect of this extract on potency is not scientifically proven.

When will Gentiv Ultra be used?

The power means can be applied according to the manufacturer, when the first episodes of the so-called menopausal years of the man – also partial androgen deficiency of the aging man – occur. This means that with increasing age of the man the production of testosterone of the testicles decreases. In the meantime, a protein is formed in the blood. The consequences are a reduction in muscle strength, the increase in adipose tissue, but also hot flashes in men and also low in drive and depressive moods and a declining libido and potency. Pure as a sexual enhancer for a sex act Gentiv Ultra is not intended.

How long does Gentiv Ultra take to effect?

Since a long-term medication is needed with this power means, the effect occurs immediately, if the potency remedy has taken over a longer period of time. That is, without taking a capsule before, it is possible for the man to experience a harder, faster and longer erection in the act of sex.

Gentiv Ultra

Are there any known side effects?

The manufacturer uses only herbal and natural ingredients. Side effects are more likely to be ruled out. That is, as long as there is no hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients, there will be no side effects from the use of this sexual enhancer. However, as some experience reports indicate, it may be that the power means do not show the desired effect. This has something to do with the fact that every user reacts differently to such preparations.

Because none of the ingredients of Gentiv Ultra causes the drug in any way in the hormone balance can intervene. Because of the contained purely natural ingredients, this power means can be taken without hesitation over a longer period of day by day. Should side effects occur, such as hypersensitivity to ginseng, but this is rare, a doctor should be consulted. As a risk factor for the use of this sexual enhancer, it should be mentioned that the goal of treatment – a higher testosterone level – can lead to tumor growth.

Is continuous medication necessary using Gentiv Ultra?

On the manufacturer side, the use of power means twice daily recommended. The specific recommendation of the manufacturer is in the morning and in the evening. A long-term medication to achieve the desired effect – namely a harder, faster and longer erection – can only be achieved with continuous medication. The time of taking the two capsules can also be determined by yourself. But the intake of a capsule before the sex act is not enough.

Because only by a regular supply of this remedy is it possible that blood gets faster and more intensively into the erectile tissue of the penis. And the testosterone must first be formed in the cells. Continuous medication with Gentiv Ultra can, however, cause testosterone formation to be stimulated in the long term. The promised effect after a harder, longer and faster erection begins a short time after starting to take. Who wants to strengthen the effect, can take a capsule 30 minutes before the sex act.

Where I can get more information?

The manufacturer’s website offers quite a lot of information about sexual enhancer. There you will also find pictures and testimonials. Especially reports of users of this power means are in the position in which a prospective buyer is very valuable. After all, you want to know if the power means really holds what it promises.

For whom Gentiv Ultra is?

The use of this sexual enhancer is therefore of interest to men who are experiencing the first signs of the partial androgen deficit of the aging male. The so-called andropause or PADAM occurs in men between the 40th and 50th year of life. From there, the blood level of the male sex hormone slowly decreases, averaging 1 percent per year. Bayer has developed this sexual enhancer for men confronted with incipient andropause or PADAM. Gentiv Ultra can of course also be used by younger men without hesitation, if they want a harder, faster and longer erection in the sex act or enough stamina for the second round of sex wish.

In which form Gentiv Ultra is available?

Gentiv Ultra is offered in capsule form. The can in which the capsules are stored has a screw cap and is convenient to take away when traveling.

Where can I buy Gentiv Ultra?

Gentiv Ultra can be ordered on the internet. Suppliers such as Amazon and eBay have the power resources usually in the range. Simple and fast and equally discreet, the order also works through the official website of the manufacturer. The remedy comes in any case in a neutral packaging home to the user. The purchase on the website of the manufacturer is also otherwise uncomplicated. Shipping fees do not apply when ordering via the manufacturer’s website. When buying via vendor sites such as Amazon or eBay it may be that the product is currently in stock.

How much does Gentiv Ultra cost?

The natural potency agent Gentiv Ultra is available in various packaging sizes. The smallest can has 60 capsules as content. The price is about 50 dollars. A tin of 120 capsules costs about 110 dollars. On the supplier side itself, no price is called – at least not before one has entered his personal data.

Gentiv Ultra

Final Verdict:

Gentiv Ultra is to increase the potency according to the manufacturer. More specifically, the erection should occur faster, be held longer and the penis harder. Gentiv Ultra is offered as a dietary supplement. The power means should thus cause the desire for sex increases again. Also, beautiful orgasms are promised. The sexual enhancer consists of 100 percent natural ingredients and therefore has a very low risk of side effects. For the effect to occur, however, it is necessary that the remedy must be taken regularly over a longer period of time.

Gentiv Ultra is suitable for young men as well as for older men who have discovered that they are in menopausal years and notice a decline in sexual performance and libido in general. However, some providers also say that using Gentiv Ultra can be useful for muscle training. Regular intake should have an anabolic effect. For this reason, bodybuilders certainly resort to this preparation. Weight loss takers, too, can benefit from Gentiv Ultra on some provider sites.

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