KetONE – All About Effects and LEGITIMATE Reviews, Is it a Hoax?? 2019


The slimming products named KetONE is touted on the Internet as an effective tool in the fight against unwelcome pounds. But can the product keep what it promises? Can the capsules actually accelerate the “ketosis” that is so important for losing weight? We looked closely at the mode of action and potential side effects and ran a test to demonstrate the benefits.

KetONE is a capsule designed to put the body in the state of ketosis, burning fat rather than carbohydrates. From this, the body can then draw energy. In a conventional way, this takes several weeks and is only possible with a strict diet or nutritional change. With the help of purely herbal ingredients, these capsules burn your own fat faster and more effectively.


Research on KetONE:

In addition to our test with the subject, we also did some research on the Internet. We wanted to get a closer look at these capsules. Even the experiences with the product have not turned out to be very positive. But it’s best to read it yourself.

The first experience that we found in a forum comes from a young woman who wanted to lose a few pounds before going on vacation. But this loss did not happen, instead, the woman had to fight side effects.

Also, the second opinion on KetONE from the Internet is negative. Here a customer complains about the price of the capsules and the absence of an effect, although this was so much touted by the manufacturer.

Finally, we would like to show you another test report that we found. Also, this customer is not very happy with KetONE. By taking a strong headache set in, which ended in an internal restlessness and insomnia. Even with this lady, the effect remained off.

Quality Features of KetONE:

Neither the website nor the product itself can be used to find quality features. There is no proven effect after taking KetONE. The customer service is hard to find and also does not answer. In addition, the manufacturer uses fake before-and-after images and advertises to celebrities and magazines who are said to be thrilled with the product. Neither the celebrities nor magazines are advertising partners or have tested the capsules.

In addition, the misconception is spread on the Internet that the capsules were featured on the television program “Cave of the Lions”. Also, the labels (including clinically proven), which can be seen on the website, seem to be a fake. Because in terms of clinical studies, no further information can be found.


Which ingredients are included?

These capsules contain only natural ingredients that are supposed to put the body in the state of ketosis. According to the manufacturer, the following KetONE ingredients are listed:

Guarana: The caffeine content of guarana is much higher than, for example, in coffee beans. In this way, the nervous system and lipolysis are stimulated. In this way, fat is split in the fatty tissue. The resulting fatty acids are absorbed by the liver via the blood and help in the formation of ketone bodies.

Damiana: The medicinal plant has an anti-inflammatory, stress-reducing and stimulating effect. Often, the drug is also used for headache, upset stomach and dizziness.

Yerba Mate: Mate works much like coffee, also stimulating. However, the effect lasts longer. In addition, a performance promotion is observed. Mate also has a great advantage that hunger can be satisfied. Because of this, mate is widely used in diets.

Green Tea: The green tea contains numerous bitter substances. These have a demonstrable effect on metabolism. In addition, the bitter substances curb the appetite and thus also possible cravings for sweets. Green tea is very low in calories and has been shown to affect the entire immune system.

Pomegranate Extract: The pomegranate contains numerous antioxidants that protect the cells from harmful influences. In addition, inflammation is inhibited and the aging process is slowed down.

Siberian Ginseng: Concentration ability and reaction time are improved. In addition, the oxygen intake is increased by the Siberian Ginseng and the regeneration capacity is increased.

Resveratrol: It is an herbal polyphenol, which promotes fat loss and diabetes.

However, as we were unable to detect any effect of KetONE in our test, we cannot say 100% whether the ingredients specified by the manufacturer are actually contained in the capsules.

Dosage and Consumption:

The manufacturer recommends taking three capsules a day with enough fluid. The intake should be done before meals. In addition, the manufacturer recommends “KetONE-friendly meals and snacks” throughout the day. In the diet should be set primarily on fat. Protein should only be moderately eaten and carbohydrates only a little.

Expected Effects:

The manufacturer promises that by taking the capsules, the body is more effectively and more sustainably put into the state of ketosis. Accordingly, fast fat and no carbohydrates should be burned to gain energy. According to the manufacturer, the body should have 225% more energy available. The product is advertised with a “bestselling keto recipe” that focuses on natural ingredients.

In our test, however, we were unable to detect a weight change in our subject even after 30 days. That’s why KetONE is definitely a fraud.

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We tested Revolyn Keto Burn for 30 days:

When we tested KetONE with a volunteer for 30 days. We have summarized our experience with the product below. Our subject is Marie, 29 years, 1.75 meters tall and a takeoff weight of 88 kg.

Day 1: At the beginning of our test we clarified with Marie the procedure of the test: She should take in the following 30 days a lot of fat (70%), but little protein (25%) and carbohydrates (5%) according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. She should take one capsule three times a day.

Day 15: At the end of two weeks we were unable to detect any weight loss during the examination. We asked again if Marie had followed our instructions, which she definitely affirmed.

Day 30: Even after a month, there were no changes in Marie. In addition, our subject complained about strong sleep problems, which had worsened in the last 14 days. We have finished the test of the capsules with a negative result and cannot pronounce accordingly a recommendation for the product.

KetONE Side Effects

On the manufacturer’s website, there is nothing to read from possible side effects. However, our subject in our test had severe sleep problems after taking the capsules. In our research, we also found other clients who also suffered from sleep problems after taking KetONE. In addition, there are reports of other side effects such as palpitations, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness associated with the capsules are addressed.

Is there any alternative?

In addition to KetONE, there are many other fat burners on the market. In our test KetONE could not convince due to the lack of effect. Instead, our subject complained about sleep problems as a side effect of the remedy.

As an alternative to sustained and rapid weight loss, the Rapid Slim is recommended by the American manufacturer “Health Nutrition”. This has already been tested by us and studies prove its effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

People raise a lot of questions and especially consumers who want to lose weight quickly are unsure. The promises of the manufacturer sound promising in the first moment, but caution should be advised. We have collected the frequently asked questions about the product here for you.

Can KetONE work at all?

In our test, we could not find any effect of KetONE with our test person. And our research on the Internet showed that other customers have lost no weight. In this context, the ingredients specified by the manufacturer must also be critically examined and clarified as to whether these are really contained in the capsules.

Are the reviews on the website of the manufacturer Fake?

The manufacturer advertises on its website with comments from Facebook users who have had positive experiences with KetONE. However, exactly the same comments and reviews can be found on the website for other diet capsules. Accordingly, it can be assumed that the ratings on the manufacturer’s website are falsified.

Can taking KetONE be dangerous?

Since it is not exactly stated which ingredients, in which composition contained in the capsules, and health risks cannot be excluded. So far, we have known side effects such as palpitations, nausea, sleep problems, diarrhea, and dizziness associated with taking KetONE.

Did celebrities promote KetONE?

On the Internet, there were a variety of images on which celebrities were seen with their success or directly with the product KetONE. Be that as it may, these photos were altogether defective. No celebrity, neither in America nor the US has ever been available for the capsules as an advertising partner.

Can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, KetONE’s return policy is difficult. Sometimes there are indications that the product can be returned within 14 days. But there was already the reference that the right of return exists for 30 days. Many customers who return the capsules, but still remain on the costs.


Where to buy?

This product cannot be purchased in pharmacies or drugstores like Walgreens. Even on other platforms, such as Amazon or eBay, the capsules are not offered. The only way to buy this supplement is to order directly from the manufacturer and on its website. Here the product is offered in different packages. So if you want to buy KetONE, it’s just this way.

How high is the price?

Price is based on the package selected on the manufacturer’s website.

  • A tin costs 49.95 USD. There is also a discount of 10 USD = 39.95 USD
  • Three cans cost 128.95 USD. Here the manufacturer grants a discount of 49.00 USD = 79.95 USD.
  • Five cans cost 198.75 USD. The discount granted in this case is 79.00 USD = 119.75 USD.

One can have 60 capsules and enough for 20 days. In addition, the manufacturer charges shipping costs of 6.95 USD.

Final Verdict:

We’ve been working in detail with the KetONE Capsules, which are designed to promote the state of ketosis in the body. In our test, we could see no effect, instead complained about our subject about side effects. Even our research did not bring any positive results to light. Instead, because of the lack of impact, fake images, reports and reviews, we are clearly out of the blue.

If you still want to lose weight, we recommend the Keto Flex, which we have already tested with a positive result. Due to our results and the many actions of the manufacturer we recommend KetONE and strongly advise buying it.

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