Keytoned Advance – 100% Natural Weight Loss Supplement Or Scam?

Keytoned Advance, it is only an umpteenth name that is added to those that already exist would you say to me!

You are not wrong on one point, there are so many Ketones based weight loss pills on the market that any new supplement based on this ingredient, must really be special to stand out. Keytoned Advance is proclaimed by its manufacturers as a slimming pill without tricks, offering the best of Keto thanks to a pure composition of superior quality.

Keto-based weight loss supplements are not new to the market, they have been around for years.

But even after all this time, they maintain their position and continue to be considered among the most effective products to lose weight.

Naturally, the quality is not the same everywhere and it is where the products are differentiated from each other.

However, according to its makers, It is not only an “other” pill of Ketones, but the pill you need to finally lose the pounds that bother you.

So we decided to take a closer look at this new supplement.

Armed with our expertise and our strict criteria, we go to the inquiry. Who knows, this may be the pill for you!

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic Diet is high fiber diet with low carbohydrates has been used for millennia to cure many digestive, skin and other diseases.

Rich in antioxidants, Keto has an infinite amount of health benefits. It is sometimes called “super food” because of the many properties attributed to it.

Here are some of the properties of Keto:

  • Anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-cancer;
  • Protects the entire cardiovascular system by regulating heart rhythm, fighting high blood pressure and promoting blood circulation;
  • Treats the majority of the most common skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

In this test, we will limit ourselves to its effect on the loss of weight, we invite you to consult this informative post signed Wikipedia if you want to know more about this substance.

Studies have shown that Keto is natural and effective appetite suppressants, which make you lose weight naturally and effectively.

The properties of the Ketones have been proven by 3 clinical studies that you can check on the official website and prove that the Ketogenic Diet really deserve the nickname superfood.

What is Keytoned Advance?

No artifice or a long list of ingredients all with names more difficult to pronounce than each other.

This pill contains only and only adequate-protein and then that’s it!

And these are not unsupported claims. The certificate of analysis and composition available on the official website of the product testifies to the authenticity of this information and the quality of the ingredient used in these pills.

Does this Make you Lose Weight?

KeyToned Advance

To help you lose weight, it works on 3 levels:

  • It boosts the metabolism, which improves the fat burning by your body;
  • It provides energy and endurance because it contains vitamins and essential fatty acids such as omegas;
  • It brings a multitude of beneficial effects to the body. You will definitely feel healthier when you take it with its unique antioxidant properties.

In practice, you can lose between 1.2kg and 2.5kg per week.

Given the energy that Keytoned Advance will give you, you will notice that you have more strength and desire for physical activity. Your energy reserves will be boosted.

If you get started today, the results of your efforts will surprise you.

Keytoned Advance Test

It is distributed by Bauer Nutrition, a British company that has been in the weight loss supplement industry for a number of years, has a well-founded reputation and is unquestionably serious.

Keytoned Advance is manufactured by Nutritionist. It is a very expensive process that consists in eliminating the water of a product without damaging or losing the other components, which allows a better conservation of the original extracts of the plant.

Delivery times are variable: 3 to 4 working days in the United Kingdom, 4 to 6 working days in Europe and 5 to 7 working days for the rest of the world.

Each box contains 30 pills that correspond to one month of treatment to be taken once a day after the main meal and with a large glass of water.

Presentations were made, let’s get down to business! What can this do for you?

Side Effects

There are no side effects associated with taking Keytoned Advance.

Contraindications include pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and people with heart disease or a specific health complication.

Why Keytoned Advance is not a Scam?

You should know that it should be quickly expired after picking. To enjoy its benefits, it is necessary to consume it fresh and immediately after having picked it.

So, as you might expect, traditionally made and marketed Keto pills have little or no value since the keto is deprived of all the original properties that make it famous.

This is where Keytoned Advance breaks new ground.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this pill is produced by lyophilization, this process allows the preservation of the nutritional value, without risk of expiry.

In other words, it does not risk losing its properties, it retains its benefits even after picking.

Why didn’t other labs do the same thing?

Simply because this process is very expensive, both in terms of equipment and skills.

Few laboratories are willing to invest in the production system of their products, to offer the consumer a quality result.

Fortunately, the producer of Keytoned Advance has dared to do it!

Customers Guarantee

The manufacturer is sure of the effect of its supplement and offers a money back guarantee of 3 months on some of its packs!

3 months is a lot and all along our tests, we have never seen such a thing and we think it is a bigger one that plays in favor.

We believe that this guarantee and its duration are a guarantee of reliability and seriousness on the part of the manufacturer.

Where to Buy?

It can be ordered online via the official website.

You have the choice among different packs:

  • Buy 3 boxes and receive 3 free for the total price of 149.85 $, saving 149.85 $;
  • Buy 2 boxes and get 1 free box for a total price of $ 99.90 and save $ 49.95;
  • Buy 1 box at the price of $ 49.95 and save $ 7.33.

And as you can see, for the pack of 2 you will pay the price of one and for the pack of 3 bottles, you will have 3 other bottles offered for free.

Promotion of the Day:

Keytoned Advance offers its customers discounts and rebates.

To take advantage of these promotions on time, visit the official website regularly.

Our Review on Keytoned Advance


– The very important concentration of pure Ketones

– Lyophilization: the very innovative extraction process

– Anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-cancer

– Protects the entire cardiovascular system

– Effective natural appetite suppressant


– Relatively expensive price


This supplement meets our criteria: it is an authentic product, effective and with strong references.

We appreciate the manufacturer’s commitment to producing a quality pill, even if the cost of production is much more expensive. And now it pays, Keytoned Advance is one of the few effective weight loss supplements that deserve to be tried.

KeyToned Advance

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