Live Active Keto – “SHOCKING” Side Effects, Price & Where to Buy??

Again I have found a miracle cure on the Internet, which promises me when taking a perfect body: Live Active Keto. And all without a diet!

In addition, Live Active Keto should have been in the popular TV show “Shark Tank” and now even from the “New York Times”, the “Bild” and “Today” world-renowned. Even stars like Maite Kelly praise the slimming pill over the green clover.

Can that really be all right? – In short: no. It is a raunchy rip-off, as I will prove to you in this article!

Introduction of Live Active Keto:

Live Active Keto is supposed to make sure that your body enters the state of ketosis. The manufacturer says that instead of carbohydrates, you now burn fat and thereby lose weight more effectively. In the product description, there is a discussion 0.5 kilograms of weight loss per day.

Live Active Keto

The condition of ketosis is usually reached when there is a prolonged starvation condition, such as fasting, or a prolonged low carbohydrate intake of fewer than 50 grams per day in the adult. The diet pill is said to make the ketosis artificially and thus much faster.

As my further research shows, however, these seem to be only empty promises…

How Live Active Keto works?

Our Fat burner contains a single ingredient, namely the Garcinia Cambogia. This is an Indonesian date species known in America as tamarind. Ayurveda super fruit has long been an insider tip in Europe and the USA when it comes to weight loss. It is considered an effective dietary supplement when stubborn fat pads should melt away.

The Garcinia cambogia is a nutrient-rich fruit and rich in hydroxycitric acid, which is extracted from the shell. The acid regulates carbohydrate intake. That’s why it’s considered an effective dietary supplement. The active ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia inhibit the growth of fatty acids, which are stored as body fat. In addition, the tamarind has the positive effect of suppressing the feeling of hunger. As a result, less food is automatically absorbed and the body loses weight.

Benefits of Live Active Keto:

The Fat burner capsules, high-dose with Garcinia Cambogia, melt your fat pads and help you achieve your desired weight in the shortest possible time. These are the benefits of our fat burner:

  • Burning fat in problem areas
  • Rapid achievement of the state of ketosis
  • Burning fat for energy
  • Better brain health
  • Quick recovery after workouts
  • Maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Stop the feeling of hunger
  • No food cravings
  • Reduces weight
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • No side effects

Live Active Keto

Rip off with Shark Tank:

The article that I read about Live Active Keto on “Health Prouds” turned out on closer inspection very quickly as a forgery. I immediately recognized this from the Internet address displayed at the top of the browser, because it had nothing to do with The trash is the fact that the page of was reproduced down to the smallest detail and the article appeared as an editorial part of the page.

The report is about “Shark Tank” and that investors would be tearing themselves over Live Active Keto. But all this is not true, because such a Live Active Keto conception has never really existed in “Shark Tank”. The two sisters Anna and Janine Martin, who allegedly presented the diet pills in the show, turned out to be fast after my research as Megan Reilly and Sarah Muse, who successfully presented the idea of a dance school for children in a similar program in the United States. It has nothing to do with diet. The writer of the Fake News goes even so far and quotes the protagonists of the broadcast completely wrong.

Is There Effective Live Active Keto Alternatives?

As can already be seen, the manufacturer uses rather dubious sales methods. My research has even shown that this rip-off product has previously been sold under a different name.

Those looking for effective fat burners will find an alternative to Live Active Keto that is even cheaper!

Does Celebrities Use for Dubious Promotional?

Other elements of the supposed news site, such as before / after pictures, also turned out to be misinformation. The images shown are from other sources, are provided with fake names and never made statements. The alleged fact that even Maite Kelly has taken the pills with success denied the successful singer on her Facebook page: “Please ignore this nonsense and says so to your friends. These “campaigns” are currently running internationally and so I am in good company with Adele or Britney Spears, who have the same problem and whose names and faces are currently misused as well.”

Live Active Keto

Does Live Active Keto Reviews are False?

The fact that the reviews, which are read below the article, are also not genuine also opens up very quickly. Many commentators, all of whom are positive about Live Active Keto, refer to the show “Shark Tank”. Thus, the comments are exposed as a fake.


Have you already had experience with Live Active Keto? Then share your experiences and exchange ideas with other users and customers. Just use the comment function under this post.

Rip-off OrganaKeto & Co.?

There are a few other products that use the same mesh, I.e. OrganaKeto. The sales page is similar to that of Live Active Keto. Only the pillbox looks different, everything else is the same: The effect, the slogans, even the bikini girl who splashes happily in the background, is the same woman on both sides of the sale.

Testimonials of Live Active Keto:

I have been looking for a product for a long time that helps me to lose weight. Because the Live Active Keto had so many positive reviews, I also ordered it. At first, I was skeptical if the capsules really made any difference. But since it’s an American product, at least I was not worried that it would harm my body. I’m taking the fat burner for about 2 weeks now and I’ve already lost 5 pounds. Just unbelievable! My digestion has improved so much and I feel so much fitter! It is important that you take the capsules with enough water. So they work even better. From me, there is a clear recommendation for the fat burner!

Julia, 39 Years Old

When I was younger, I was so slim and I could just eat what I wanted. However, after my two pregnancies, I gained 27 kilos and just felt unwell. The desire to reach my dream weight again was great, which is why I tried so many different products. Not even sports helped. Then I came across the Live Active Keto and I still cannot believe it, but it has already made me 15 kilos lighter and only after 2 months. By the summer I have certainly reached my ideal weight and I’m looking forward to going to the pool with my kids. I am so thankful that there is a fat burner.

Martin, 39 Years Old

The Live Active Keto Capsules are the best fat burner capsules that I have tried. I take the fat burner for 4 weeks and have had very good experiences. After about 2 weeks you lose the first kilos. For me, it was an incredible 7 kg in just 2 weeks. I take the capsules 3 times a day with enough liquid. Best 1 full glass of water mind / 300 ml. The fat burner has already achieved great results; I’m curious how much I lost in 2 months to Kilos. I’m excited!

Roberts, 39 Years Old

Frequently Asked Questions:

I would like to take this opportunity to answer your questions about Live Active Keto and, as far as possible, answer it. The most common questions I put together here if you have another question, do not hesitate to ask them here.

Which ingredients are included?

The only ingredient given by the manufacturer is beta-hydroxybutyrate, the first substrate that provides the metabolic state of ketosis.

How did we take Live Active Keto?

The manufacturer recommends taking the following: Three times a day you should take three capsules with water. In addition, you should take Live Active Keto is a friendly meals and snacks (70% fat, 25% of something not specified, and 5% carbohydrates) all day long.

Are there real customer experiences?

True customer experiences are not specific to Live Active Keto, but to the company behind it. Almost all the experiences I found on the internet were negative.

Who is behind it?

Behind Live Active Keto is a man named Dr. Ronald Decker with his company LiveActive. The registered address is in the United States. Dr. Ronald Decker is well known in American consumer protection because of the opaque return procedure. However, it is quite possible that due to concealment tactics, both the company name and the address will change over time.

Where is the fat burner made?

The fat burner is an American quality product and is manufactured under strict criteria according to American guidelines.


Live Active Keto is available in three different sizes. You can order a package for 59.95 dollars (including an ominous discount of 10 dollars). Or you can order two packs for 79.95 and get one pack for free. If you order three packs, you pay 119.75 and get two more packs for free. One pack is enough for one month. You can pay by credit card (then there is another pack for free) or by PayPal and cash on delivery. Shipping costs are not incurred.

Where can I order Live Active Keto?

To order Live Active Keto is only directly from the sales page and not through other online retailers.

Live Active Keto

Final Verdict:

The approach of this sales pitch is so brazen that I can only advise you against ordering Live Active Keto. Apart from that, ketosis is not necessarily a desirable condition but involves great risks. About these risks, however, the manufacturer of Live Active Keto does explain you at all but advertises with the purely plant-based ingredients that are absolutely safe. Everything I have learned about these points to rip-offs and criminal activities.

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