Negative Thoughts It’s Effects & How To Overcome Them

We all know that our thoughts determine our mood. Negative thinking can lead to negative thoughts affecting your mood and low energy consumption. Your thoughts and beliefs have an impact on your physical and mental health. Negative thoughts cause emotions and feelings like depression and negative anxiety.

Many people do not understand or do not want to accept that negative thinking has a direct impact on how you feel and then how to behave, attitudes and experiences that we live. Those who are in denial about the power of positive thoughts or bad things will say to themselves: “Well because sometimes I had doubts about my ability or preparation, I did not fail in my career so much success.”

We are not talking about doubts, fears or strong criticism from time to time. Being critical of yourself takes into account a realistic view of things. And there are moments when you feel sorrow and sadness. We are talking about the habit of thinking negatively – to see things get worse if you are going to change; I always feel the worse of myself. Having constantly negative thoughts produce negative results.

Affect me to think a little NEGATIVE

They constantly complain. Nothing is ever good enough or satisfying. The complaints all the time left unsatisfied and irritable. Also left alone, no one wants to be around people who always complain.

A self-destructive attitude If you have a self-destructive attitude, the opportunity to undertake actions that lead to success and happiness is lost. Thoughts like “I’m not attractive” benefit from being introverted and silent, which is not the way to get a show or even go dancing.

The negative internal dialogue. If you say you’re going, no matter how much talent you have, it is sabotaged and failed. You will feel very bad about yourself.

The mentality of the victim .. With this mentality, there is nothing you can do to improve their situation, because for all their evils they can blame other people – which, for mysterious reasons, I would hurt.

The stress. Too much stress has all kinds of adverse effects on physical and psychological health.


A technique that helps me a lot is, Dr. Len taught me that every time a negative thought went through me and I was scared and had to meet someone who did not feel comfortable saying silently I’m sorry, I love you.

Whenever you think about a negative thought, it says “thank you for sharing” and think of something positive.

Note that I did wrong with negative thoughts.

If you think someone negatively, try to find positive things about the person. Just make a list of the good qualities of that person

Walking in nature. The fresh air in the lungs. Look around and feel all the natural flavors and beauties of the world. Feel the working muscles.

Accept yourself as you are. Read my article about accepting yourself as a guide. Changing things that can be changed and always trying to improve your character, but I do not think you need to be someone you are not.

Read books to remove negative thoughts.

Remember, if you are stuck in negative thoughts, you must reprogram your mind to have a positive flow of consciousness. Must be patient and give time. Think positively to learn how to think positively.

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