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Nugenix – Sexual intercourse is probably the most popular way to escape everyday life. A possible obstacle for the man is the erectile dysfunction or too small a penis.

Reasons for erectile dysfunction are divided into two main categories: organic and non – organic causes (psychogenic causes, tosx causes, and age). The organic causes include cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, and kidney damage, consequences of prostate injuries, spinal damage, hormonal disorders or diseases of the nervous system. Non-organic causes are both mental as well as frustration due to the unwanted size of the penis, stress, depression or personality conflicts, as well as toxic ones such as drug abuse, alcohol consumption or smoking.

For most cases, there are medications that all have the same effect. Before you resort to expensive medications, which may have dangerous side effects, it absolutely tries with Nugenix. It is a special remedy made from natural ingredients and available over the counter.

What is Nugenix & How Does it Work?

Nugenix Reviews

Nugenix contrast to these methods, it has no advantage, such as the price, the freedom from pain, and the post-productive side effects, there are no side effects and it is over-the-counter. Be it an organic cause or non-organic cause, it influences with pure natural ingredients so much the blood circulation in the penis and the hormone balance in the body that no man has to show more weakness.

It comes in the Four Different Packs:

  • Free Testosterone Booster
  • Prostate Health Support
  • Estro-Regulator
  • Ultimate
  • Multivitamin

As mentioned earlier, studies have shown that the ingredients in the dietary supplement actually have the promised effects, making them the perfect combination for an agent like Nugenix. As long as you pay attention to where you buy it so nothing can go wrong, on the contrary, the sexual intercourse is getting better every day.

In an erection, the mental stimuli are essential, but it is not possible without the mechanisms involved, which determine the blood filling the corpora cavernosa. This happens because of the so-called tendril arteries open and consequently, the blood pressure in the erectile tissue increases, influenced by the parasympathetic nervous system. An erection thus arises through vasodilatation (enlargement of the blood vessels) in the erectile tissue of the penis, the consequence of a stimulus that has activated certain nerve areas in the brain.

To understand exactly how Nugenix works you should know the ingredients exactly.

100% Natural Ingredients:

Nugenix consists of amino acids (L-arginine and L-carnitine), zinc and maca.

As for the amino acids, a distinction is made between essential and non-essential. The former are amino acids that are vital to our organism, but we cannot synthesize ourselves:

L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid derived from either hair, feathers or gelatin or produced by fermentation. In the body, it assumes a critical part in the vasodilation Arginine is processed into nitric oxide, which is responsible for the relaxation of the vascular musculature. In case of illness such as hypertension, but also in erectile dysfunction, the need for arginine in the body increases. Similarly, stress has a negative impact on the need for arginine.

L-Carnitine is produced in our body from the essential amino acids methionine and lysine and ensures the processing of fatty acids in the body. As a result, L-carnitine is often used as a fat burner. In 2011, however, a study was carried out in which it was found that L-carnitine has a potency-increasing effect. The explanation for this is the positive effect of L-carnitine on the cell lumen communicating with the vessel lumen.

Zinc is a metal derived from zinc sulfide ores and is one of the essential trace elements of our body. It is part of many enzymes that are responsible for cell growth, the structure of the genetic material and the metabolism of sugar, protein, and sugar. Experts have discovered that many hormones need zinc for their functions, including testosterone. The sex hormone influences the strength of the erection.

The Maca Plant is a food and healing plant originating in the Peruvian Andes. She is very resistant, thus withstands extreme weather conditions. The Maca tuber contains several substances such as protein, iron, zinc, vitamins, but also steroids (they include the sex hormones) and also has a sweetish taste. It brings numerous benefits for our body: Increased mental and physical performance, increase in sexual desire and endurance (study from South America), increase fertility

Nugenix – Benefits and Side Effects

As already mentioned, Nugenix is a special remedy that, unlike prescription medicines, consists of natural ingredients. These ingredients tell you a lot about the way Nugenix works. The dilation of the l-arginine and L-carnitine enhances blood circulation, providing the penis with more blood. Thus, it looks longer and more extensive. Another effect is the feeling during intercourse. This is much more intense and the erection will be stronger and longer.

Here is a List of the Effects:

Larger penis: By filling the cavernous body with blood, the limb becomes larger and lӓ

More intense erection: on the one hand through the enlarged penis and on the other hand by increasing the testosterone level. Another reason for a better erection could be the effect of the Maka plant, which causes an increase in mental and physical performance.

Increased libido: The desire for sexual intercourse is greater, the satisfaction also. The woman will feel several orgasms and that makes both partners happy

Better stamina: Nugenix gives the man a true power boost. This is probably also because the erection is stronger and lasts longer. By the way, the man will have the opportunity to ejaculate several times in a row.

Positive side effects: The dietary supplement causes a lowering of blood pressure, beneficial for men with high blood pressure and the associated increased risk of heart attack or another vascular disease. In addition, in the case of an accompanying mental illness, this condition will also improve.

No side effects: The wonder drug does not process any chemical substances. Because it contains only natural ingredients, it is free from unwanted side effects. ‘

It is important to measure the blood pressure before using the tablets. Since Nugenix has blood pressure lowering properties you should not take it with a low blood pressure.

Also, be sure to check the ingredients before use to prevent possible allergic reactions.

Customers Review:

Many men and women have a happier sex life thanks to Nugenix. A simple tablet can have fantastic effectiveness and even save marriages. All side effects associated with erectile dysfunction are also treated with these simple remedies. Hardly anyone has ever complained about it, but ever since our environment and lifestyle have changed so much, more and more people are seeking help on the Internet or at the doctors. I did research online in forums and read a lot of positive opinions. There are many men telling their stories and I have selected a few quotes for you.

Although I am ashamed to talk about this topic, I think it is necessary to share my experiences with you. I was very unsure about my strengths in intercourse. At the same time, I was afraid of prescription drugs like Cialis or Viagra, so I was looking for a way to naturally increase my potency. About Nugenix I have read all the good opinions on the Internet and therefore ordered a pack. Lately, my wife brings more and more breakfast to bed, I think that’s a good sign.

Mike, 45 Years Old

Great product! My partner has noted that I should try to last a little longer. Alone with willpower that was not possible, so I needed some support and immediately found the right miracle cure. I definitely recommend it! – Jeremy, 23 years old. I chose Nugenix because I was diagnosed as a diabetic a few years ago. Since then I do not have the same strength as before, because the illness limits me too much. Nugenix gives me exactly the extra thrust I need. My blood pressure has also become more stable than and not as high as before.

Peter, 56 Years Old

For me, the problems started the first time. My girlfriend at the time started laughing when she saw my penis. Since then I can hardly get a stand and even that is very weak. I’m constantly thinking about it and the fear of losing my erection will do just that. Maybe many of you do not understand that, but maybe there are people in the same situation. I became more and more depressed, isolated myself, and had no friends at some point. This went on for years until I arrived at a time when I did not wish to live anymore. I’ve never tried to hurt myself, but I often toyed with the idea. My mother was shocked when she saw what condition I was in and immediately sent me to a psychologist. He recommended me to use a dietary supplement together with the therapy, Nugenix I had not heard until then. Honestly, Placebo does not work for me at all, so I had my doubts. I do not know how it worked for me, psychologically or physically. The important thing is that it worked! I get an erection faster, my penis is 3.5cm longer, stronger and stays stiff longer. My mental state is getting better.

Kevin, 31 Years Old

In fact, lowering blood pressure is a positive side effect for people with arterial hypertension (hypertension). Particularly impressive are the effects on people with an accompanying mental illness. Age does not matter, there are both young and old people who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Also, the cause is unimportant because the mechanism is the same and therefore works in different situations.

Did you know that half of all men think their penis is too small? In Kevin’s case, you can see how stressful it is and how big it can be. It is good to know that so many problems are solvable these days.


After all, the decision whether you want to do something for yourself remains up to you. The fact is, every second woman pretends orgasm. This may be because the woman has an anatomical structure that does not favor her orgasm, or because the man’s penis is not big enough, not stiff enough, or the partner simply has too little stamina.

So if you decide for a painless and cost-effective way to improve your sexual performance, you can get the exact price on the manufacturer’s website. Here you will also find the cheapest price and if you are lucky you will get a discount that is worthwhile. It makes no sense to invest valuable money for a surgical procedure, though the solution can be cheap and effective.

Where to Buy it?

If you have decided to test Nugenix, you are probably wondering where to buy it. There are many dubious sites on the Internet, so always order directly from the manufacturer! Do not buy Nugenix in the pharmacy or on Amazon, because the prices are outrageously expensive.

Also, the quality can be poor on other websites, so they buy the best of the official site of the manufacturer.


Nugenix is a nutritional supplement for young or old, for brave or shy, for experienced or inexperienced men who suffer from erectile dysfunction for various reasons or find their penis too small. Primitive stretching methods with a stretching bench and vacuum pumps, as well as surgical procedures, will increasingly lose customers.


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