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Those who Looking for “Organa Keto” on the Internet will very quickly come to a product with the promise, which should not only help with weight loss but at the same time assure the perfect beach figure. Many people who feel unwell with their own weight are prone to such kind of promises. But can OrganaKeto really help you lose weight? We took a closer look at the product for you.

What is OrganaKeto?

As with many other products in this area, it is also at OrganaKeto a slimming product which is designed to accelerate the burning of fat in the body. According to the manufacturer, the capsules cause the body to enter the state of ketosis more quickly, causing the extra pounds to just tumble over. For this purpose, the manufacturer relies on ingredients that stimulate metabolism. In this way, fat can be burned more effectively and unwanted weight loss.


Who is OrganaKeto intended for?

OrganaKeto should be suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly. The manufacturer promises a weight reduction of 0.5 kg per day on his website. In addition, should be burned by taking the capsules exactly the fat in the problem areas. This is to be achieved by the onset of the state of ketosis. In this fat is burned to gain energy.

OrganaKeto Ingredients

OrganaKeto ingredients, unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide information on the OrganaKeto ingredients. It merely advertises that the product is 100% natural. However, in our research, we found out that among other things beta-hydroxybutyrate is contained in the capsules. This substrate stimulates, among other things, the metabolism.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find out which other ingredients are contained in the capsules. The lack of information on the ingredients is not only a clear sign of lack of respectability of the manufacturer but also a potential source of danger for customers. Products without details of ingredients or active ingredients often pose a risk to health.

Ingestion and Dosage

The manufacturer recommends an OrganaKeto intake of three times a day. Accordingly, one capsule each should be taken at the main meals with sufficient liquid, preferably water. So that the capsules can work effectively in the body, the diet should be changed so that it consists of 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates.

Are there any side effects?

According to the manufacturer, no OrganaKeto side effects are known. However, our test subject complained of severe stomach problems and other customers on the Internet suffered from negative concomitants. Due to the lack of information on the ingredients, customers cannot even assess whether they are sensitive or even allergic to one or more of the active ingredients.


We tested OrganaKeto for 30 Days

In order to be able to test the product, we have opted for an OrganaKeto Test with a volunteer. Lena is 25 years old and weighs 1.69 m and weighs 80 kg. Lena tested the capsules for us for 45 days and we have summarized the results for you below.

Day 1: On the first day of our OrganaKeto Test, we discussed with Lena all the important points about taking the capsules. So Lena promised to take the capsules three times a day with enough fluid. In addition, our subject should change the diet so that the capsules can also work effectively. The manufacturer recommends that the diet consists of 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates.

Day15: After Lena had taken the capsules for 30 days, our first follow-up appointment followed. However, we still could not find any weight loss in this one. In conversation with our subject, we also asked again if she had kept to the dosage and diet change. This was affirmed by Lena.

Day 30: At the end of the trial period another check was made. However, we could not find any change in weight on this date. However, our subject stated that she had been suffering from massive stomach problems for several days. With this positive result, we have completed our test and advised our subject to sell the capsules immediately. Due to the Positive Experiences and the non-existent effect, we recommend you OrganaKeto.

Effective Alternative?

The desire for the ideal figure is very large for many people. Especially in spring and summer, many people want a beautiful beach figure. In addition to OrganaKeto, there are many other means on the market, which lure customers with great promises.

As an effective alternative to the tested Keto Flex Capsules, we recommend the Organa Keto from Health Nutrition to our readers. We have already tested this fat burner several times positive and studies also prove the effectiveness of the product. An average weight loss of at least 4kg is guaranteed.


ATTENTION – OrganaKeto Advertises Fake Experiences?

In addition to our test, we have also extensively researched on the Internet for the product OrganaKeto. In particular, we noticed the before-and-after pictures as well as the testimonials on the sales page of the product.

The before-and-after pictures that the manufacturer uses on his website can also be found on other websites and therefore have nothing to do with Organa Keto. The manufacturer uses false or stolen photos for his advertising purposes.

The same applies to the testimonials and stories that can be found on the sales side of the capsules. Again, these were not written for OrganaKeto but were abused by the manufacturer abusive from other websites stolen.

For us, this is clear proof that this is not a scam and does not speak for the seriousness of the manufacturer and the product.

Does Celebrities use Organa Keto for Promotional Purposes?

The manufacturer goes in its perfidious scam to fraudulently deceive its customers, but goes a step further and even uses celebs’ fake pre-post photos. Among the famous victims are Daniela, Melissa McCarthy and especially Maize Kelly.

The singer has already published a post on her Facebook page stating that she does not advertise OrganaKeto or take those capsules herself.

The other celebs mentioned are no official advertising media and do not even take the capsules themselves. The manufacturer advertises here so with false information and does not shy away from abusing celebrities for his rip-off.

Rip-off with “Shark Tank”

We researched a bit more intensively and found out that the manufacturer even claims to have presented the product in the American hit show “Shark Tank”, which can be seen on FOX. But even that statement is a lie and the footage used by the manufacturer to prove his claim has been stolen. In the report, the manufacturer states that Organa Keto had a million deal and all the jurors were enthusiastic.

Organa Keto

However, all this is a lie and the images used are from the TV Serial “Shark Tank” and show two participants of the show who presented their idea about OrganaKeto.

More OrganaKeto Experiences and Reviews

Our research had already brought a lot of positive to OrganaKeto to light. But we were also interested in what customers who had already ordered the capsules for an opinion on the product.

We did not have to search too long and found the first report. The lady had ordered some time ago on the sales side of the capsules, but so far received no goods. Her numerous messages to the customer service remained unanswered. Experience report from

The second lady, unfortunately, could not gain any positive OrganaKeto experiences. She took Organa Keto capsules over a period of two months, but the promised weight loss did not materialize.

The third customer, whose report we found on the Internet, had to stop taking the capsules even after a short time, as she had to deal with severe stomach problems and sleep problems.

Where else can you buy OrganaKeto?

If you want to buy OrganaKeto, you can do so only through the manufacturer’s sales page. Neither in the usual drugstores such as Rapid Slim or Keto Flex capsules can be bought, nor on Internet platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Even in pharmacies or online pharmacies, the product cannot be purchased.

How high is the price?

The OrganaKeto price varies depending on the set. Thus, the manufacturer offers discounts, as long as several doses of the capsules are ordered.

  • For example, a can of 90 capsules on the sales side costs 59.95 dollars instead of 69.95 dollars.
  • For two cans the customer pays 79.95 Dollar instead of 128.95 Dollar and gets one can for free.
  • Three packs cost 119.75 dollars instead of 198.75 dollars. In addition, the customer will receive two cans for free. According to the manufacturer, no shipping costs have to be paid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Organa Keto could not convince us in our test. Below we have collected the frequently asked questions about the capsules for you.

Is it possible to lose weight with OrganaKeto?

Unfortunately, we find many weight reduction in our test. For this reason, we recommend that with the capsules really weight can be lost.

Can side effects occur?

According to the manufacturer, there is no information on the occurrence of possible side effects when taking the capsules. However, it cannot be ruled out with the capsules that negative side effects can occur, as no information on the ingredients and active substances is known.

How can I reach customer service?

There is a contact link on the manufacturer’s sales page. If this is clicked on, a text opens in which an e-mail address can be found. Customers can direct their inquiries to them. A phone number is not found.

What exactly is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state that helps burn fat to gain energy. OrganaKeto helps to achieve this condition faster.

Do I have to change my diet?

The manufacturer recommends changing the diet with the intake. The diet should primarily build on fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate. In this way, the effect of the capsules should be improved.

Organa Keto

Final Verdict:

Based on our test with our subject and the experience we have found on the internet, we can classify OrganaKeto as effective. There is a lot of information on the ingredients poses great effects on the health of users. This is not like other products which are a fraudulent way of trying to promote the product is anything but serious to us. For this reason, we recommend you OrganaKeto.

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