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TST 11 Male EnhancementTST 11 – The number of spermatozoa has collapsed, the testosterone of a 60-year-old man today is much lower than that of his father when he was the same age, in the United States one boy in 3 is at risk of infertility and male infertility has doubled in 20 years. In our country now one in five couples cannot have children and uses in vitro fertilization, complex and very expensive technique. Not only that, even the penis of young people today is shorter than almost a centimeter compared to the past. Then there are more extreme, but not so rare, cases of men developing breasts. The phenomenon has been the subject of research all over the world for several years.

What MayBe The Causes?

According to many researchers, they should be looked for not so much in the great sources of pollution of the planet, but in the trivial objects that populate our daily life and in the chemicals that can interfere with our hormonal system. And unfortunately, these potential endocrine disruptors can be almost everywhere. The feminization of the male is not science fiction because in the most contaminated places on the planet we have already seen it in animals. For example with the Florida hermaphrodite alligators or with Po fishes that are changing sex due to pollution.

Richard Sharpe is a professor at the Center for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh, as well as a member of the Council of the European Society of Endocrinology and deputy director of the scientific journal Human Reproduction. He has written hundreds of articles on sexual differentiation and developmental disorders in humans.

We are all programmed to be female if something does not happen during the development of the fetus, we will all be female, it’s the basic program: becoming a male means changing this Testosterone program is fundamental for a man. What we are seeing is that the testosterone-driven development program is no longer functioning properly, and men are more vulnerable than women, because male fetuses are more sensitive to chemicals than the environment, compared to the feminine ones. Just take a Look at TST 11..!

What is TST 11?

Under the name of TST 11, it is currently a new means of enlarging the distributed penis. These are capsules, which consist of purely vegetable ingredients. Another positive side effect of the manufacturer also promises a significant advantage in terms of scope. These results are achieved completely without injections or surgeries, which generally do not involve insignificant risks. As already known by many comparable products for penis enlargement and increased power, it is not necessary to visit the urologist or a pharmacy when buying this TST 11. TST 11 is officially counted among nutritional supplements and therefore does not require a prescription for purchase. On the website, the manufacturer gives you the opportunity to order the product directly.

TST 11 Ingredients:

In order for the diameter of your penis to increase in volume, the composition of the ingredients is essential. These are published transparently by the manufacturer, which allows you to inform yourself in advance about the respective effect. All the ingredients used are pure of plant origin, which is why the mode of action is usually documented in great detail. Active ingredients include, among others:

Maca Root Extract: the combination of glycosides, alkaloids, and starch increases the ability of the cavernous to absorb blood. The reputation of natural power has therefore been strengthened in recent years more and more. Compared to a chemical agent, however, the Macao root does not require an immediate erection, which is why it is easy to integrate the intake of this drug in everyday life.

Safflower Root: The Licorice root has long been considered an “increase lust” by nature. The active ingredients contained increase the testosterone content and therefore also help to significantly increase the desire for sex.

Sarsaparilla: the androgens contained in South American white wings are processed by the body like the sex hormone testosterone. Your libido is stimulated by herbs without using an addictive effect.

Bilberry Extract: blueberries have a positive influence on the veins and therefore on the ability of the cavernous to absorb more blood. This is associated with no pain or the risk of internal injury.

Ginseng: also the ginseng contained in TST 11 reaches 100% of plant origin. In combination with blueberries and maca root, the ingredients support each other to continuously increase blood flow. Ginseng also increases erection hardness, which will further boost your love life.

Pumpkin Seed Extract: so that your prostate can withstand the increase in the volume of your penis, this extract is the perfect ally. If the function of the prostate decreases in old age, Its prostate helps you to cure yourself for a rejuvenation cure and to experience your sex life again as in your youth.

Also obtained in the capsules are:

L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine has a direct effect on cells and improves the ability to absorb oxygen among others. This creates a feeling of tiredness and fatigue and continues to ensure that your resistance during sex is no longer neglected.

L- Arginine: similar to L- Carnitine, arginine L also helps to increase vitality. This applies to the reduction of stress hormones and to a general performance that will particularly benefit your love life.

Lysine: lysine makes a significant contribution to the fact that the cell walls of the erectile tissue can stretch without causing injury. Because of the properties of lysine, this effect is maintained, that even the growth of the penis is not only short-lived.

For Whom is TST 11 Suitable?

In principle, the target group of this remedy is all men who are dissatisfied with the size and diameter of their penis. Although the manufacturer does not provide an age declaration in this context, it is important, as with comparable food supplements, not to take it before the age of 18. Penis growth can still occur in men who are prone to further development at this stage of life. Only when the growth is complete, it is necessary to use these funds if you want to increase the volume.

How Does the TST 11 Effect Work?

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The effect of the preparation takes place on two levels. About 2/3 of the active ingredients such as maca root act directly on the erectile tissue. Here the ability to absorb more blood is continuously improved. This is achieved, for example, due to the greater flexibility in the fabric. The more erectile tissue expands, the easier it is to fill with extra blood, not just during erection. Since this effect does not disappear after a few hours from ingestion, over time an increase in the size and diameter of the penis can be detected. Furthermore, the vitality of the body has increased. By reducing stress hormones and improving oxygen delivery into cells, the next sex will certainly not be postponed to the weekend.

How Does the TST 11 Application Work?

TST 11 is offered as capsules. The producer advises to take them before breakfast. One tablet is sufficient. If possible, the tablet should be taken in one piece and not crushed. To facilitate this it is possible to swallow the tablet with a drink of water. The answer for how long the capsules should be taken for treatment remains the producer, unfortunately, guilty. If, after three months, growth has not stopped, it is necessary to consider carefully whether you want to continue to consider the costs.

What Advantages and Disadvantages Can TST 11 Bring?


Capsules already dosed

Pure plant ingredients

Penis enlargement without intervention

Not pharmacies

One tablet is sufficient for a day


The duration of the intake remains open

Increasing the diameter of the erection does not require manual dosage when you take this medicine. This prevents you from having to handle gram-precise scales in the morning or inadvertently take too high a dose. Taking as capsules also ensures that the active ingredient is absorbed by the body only in the stomach. This facilitates a quick registration at a time when the body is still updated from the previous night’s sleep. Unfortunately, it is a clear gap that the producer leaves the duration of the hiring. Although this is an intelligent procedure from an economic point of view, it does not help you to be sure when the maximum achievable results are to be expected.

Are the Risks of TST 11 Known?

Since the TST 11 is made from 100% herbal ingredients, these give your sex life new incentives without weighing down your body with side effects. However, the manufacturer himself admits to TST 11 that men who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure should consult a doctor before taking it. This suggests that interactions with other drugs have already occurred in this area. Pay attention to all users who are already known allergies to the individual components of the ingredients.

Test of the General TST 11

One of the quality features of the product is the great transparency in the release of the ingredients. Their effectiveness can, therefore, be checked in advance in order to gain greater assurance. A second not insignificant quality characteristic shows the lasting effect. The desired growth of the penis should ultimately be permanent and not a temporary result. For this purpose, with a well-assorted medication complex on the erectile tissue inside the penis. This is a natural process that takes place completely without chemicals or pain. However, the remedy does not affect erection. Even after taking it you do not have to worry about being more receptive to stimuli and planning your day as usual.

General Experiences of the TST 11

In the search for opinions on the Internet, you are forced to run into the manufacturer’s website for the first time. Here are some comments posted by customers. However, these must be read with caution, as recognizable grammatical errors show that it is probable. A great way to still get real buyers’ opinion offers video platforms like YouTube. This is where the advertising videos of TST 11 are published, where users can write their own opinion. The first evidence of effective effectiveness is, therefore, easier to find here than on the manufacturer’s website, which serves primarily to increase sales.

What is the Price of the TST 11?

To facilitate the purchase, you can find interesting discounts on the manufacturer’s website to try the TST 11 yourself. For this, it is currently possible to save 50% on the first order. Unfortunately, it is not clear how many capsules have been purchased at the indicated price. During the research, we discovered both packs of 15 or 30 capsules. It is, therefore, worthwhile to contact the seller in doubt before finding out how expensive the price of a tablet is and then the day of hiring the agent is really.

Where Can I Buy TST 11?

If the decision to buy TST 11 has decreased, you should not arrange a visit to your doctor or talk to a pharmacist about your desire to get a larger diameter for your penis. All you have to do is go to the TST 11’s Official website and fill out the buying form. Among other things, you must enter your e-mail address and telephone number so that employees can contact you to complete the order. There is no risk here because the manufacturer offers a guarantee of satisfaction.

If you are not satisfied, you can use your right of return within 60 days. By purchasing on the website, you can be sure to get only the original product and no counterfeit tablet with uncertain contents, which will surely not give your sex life new impulses.

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