Water Part of a Healthy Lifestyle – Importance of Drinking Water

Drinking water gives you health: Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of pure H2O a day is essential for life and health. Drinking water promotes various body functions every day: it regulates body temperature, which helps maintain a good level of hydration, including mucous membranes and skin; It promotes the digestion process, prevents and corrects constipation problems and helps to correct digestion and absorption of nutrients.

It’s a myth, although water alone does not contribute to calories, it’s a lie that more drinks instead of losing weight because this liquid itself has no power to lose or gain weight. Nutritionist Martha Leticia Martinez Viveros, Nutrition Program Coordinator, Health Integration Coordinator of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), said that it is necessary to have a proper diet, drink tap water for at least 30 minutes Of physical activity per day to prevent and control obesity and overweight; “Otherwise, so take a lot of water, do not lose weight. There must be a lifestyle change.”

Sugar is present not only in soft drinks but also in freshwater

Today, the population ingests a large amount of added liquid with simple, such as soft drinks, industrialized juices, flavored herbs and sweet taste bring lots of sugars in the daily diet.

On average, every 200 ml of these drinks can contain 20 g of simple sugars; That is, 80 kilocalories per cup.

In addition, we added sugar to coffee and tea and other sugars, such as biscuits, chocolate or sweet bread, which promotes overweight, obesity and other chronic illnesses.

Water for Life

“Without adequate water intake, life would not be possible, in adults the percentage of body water varies between 60 and 70%, so it is vital for life,” said Neurologist. He explained that through the breath, sweat, urine and stool, the body loses between 2 ½ to 3 liters of H2O and to replenish the loss of liquid, a third is a contribution of food, the amount of H2O and, as part of their Metabolism, protein, carbohydrates and lipids provide another amount of water.

Add the remaining two-thirds of the H2O required by the body should be supplied by the liquid, it is recommended adults consume a daily dose of 6 to 8 glasses of pure water, the amount should increase if produced a vigorous hot physical activity Especially when the room temperature is Higher than 32 degrees Celsius.

Strange Excess

Nutritionist Viveros Martinez observed that no excess is good, even though H2O is consumed; There are people suffering from a psychological disorder, known as potomania, which causes a frequent desire to drink more water and 6 liters of H2O per day.

This can have serious consequences for the body, because not only the water is removed but it loses minerals such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium, such losses are significant, there are alterations in the kidney and heart in low blood pressure; There are tiredness and headache.

Significant loss of potassium can cause a decrease in heart rate and heart failure; Magnesium deficiency alters memory, so there must be an abuse of water abuse.

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